Terms of Service


We do not make any claims that any of our products will be a cure for anything.


Green Girl Naturals, and our blog, Goin’ Green Girl, aim to use the highest quality, natural ingredients for all products and recipes shared on either website. We love to share research and information about natural products and other topics. Although we are passionate about our products and research, it is your duty to educate yourself on the ingredients in our products and recipes before trying either. Because we value education, we highly recommend you do your research using multiple trustworthy sources.


Although our products and recipes are as naturally-based as possible, there is still a possibility of adverse reactions. If you have never used an ingredient in our products and recipes, and therefore, unsure how your skin may react, test a small area to check for a reaction. Make sure to never test on sensitive parts of the body or around any openings in the body or skin abrasions. If you have a reaction, wash the area immediately, and discontinue use.