Welcome back to our discussion on being a conscious consumer. Yes this is a discussion, please, please feel free to chime in with your comments regarding any of these topics to start a healthy dialogue. Today we will be discussing a less well known form of consumption: Opinion Consumption. 

The consumption of opinions is listening to the views and beliefs of others. Listening to others’ opinions is healthy. We, as a human race, would be nowhere if we never listened to the opinions of those around us. We are created to be in community with others and in that we are also meant to share opinions and ideas. The healthy consumption of differing opinions can enrich your own belief system and even strengthen it. 

When we recognize the importance of being conscious and respectful of the opinions of those around us, we can start to understand how we should filter the opinions of others. Every day and in every part of our lives we are being exposed to a variety of opinions.

Due to our media consumption, we are exposed to an even greater variety of beliefs than ever before, and yet we tend to be just as quick to block those who we don’t quite see eye to eye with. With all these opinions coming from many different people, it’s incredibly difficult to ever really understand all of the nuanced differences and reasons for a person’s worldview. This is part of why I find social media to be so damaging. We never really get to know the people or full worldview of a person who is sharing their opinion and it’s easy to write them off.

When we open ourselves to listening to the opinions of others, while also filtering out clearly hurtful ones, we can then start to surround ourselves with people who help to keep us accountable with our views and beliefs. Hopefully, a healthy reduction in social media consumption will give us more time to get to know opinions of people we don’t understand through communication and interaction in person. We can learn so much more from understanding one person more fully than one hundred people just slightly.

There have been a few times in my life in school or work where people would tell me that someone was odd, weird, or not worth getting to know. Those people were entitled to their opinion, yet it was up to me to discern if they were worth taking seriously. I find it amazing how quick we are to judge someone based on a few shallow interactions. Turns out the people that I have been told were weird, have become some of my best friends and have been the most loving and generous people I know.

I have learned that while listening to others’ opinions can certainly add value to our life, it is also important to listen to your gut as well and make decisions yourself, you do have a brain and a heart after all! Also please don’t judge a book by its cover! Many people with the purest, hearts of gold  are not the famous ones, popular or even the best looking.

In order to be a conscious consumer of opinions, be smart, take everything with a grain of salt, listen to what your gut is telling you, yet also be willing to listen and hear out what others have to say even if you don’t like it. Who knows, you may have an unexpected conversation that helps to develop your understanding of the world and gain a better respect for others. 

In the next post I will be wrapping up this short series on what it looks like to be a Conscious Consumer. 


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